Major Shafqat Baloch saved Lahore in 1965 War

The Battle at Hudiara 

Major Shafqat Baloch was commanding 17 Baloch Regiment when Lahore was attacked by India in 1965. He resisted a division troops of Indian army with just 90 men

Major Shafqat Baloch was awarded the coveted "Sitara-e-Jurrat" for his epic action. The last lines of his citation read, "But for this officer's gallant, bold and inspiring leadership the whole defense of Lahore would have been jeopardized". Against the back drop of enemy designs the Pakistani nation in general and the Lahorites in particular owe much of their freedom to this great Baloch hero. 

Lieutenant General Harbakhsh Singh the Indian Commander in his book "The War Dispatches - Indo Paki Conflict 1965" gives his account of the battle at Hudiara drain as follows. 

"General Officer Commanding 7th Infantry Division appreciating that 48th Infantry Brigade Group into the lead with the task of securing the Ichhogil (BRB) Canal at Burki".. This account by an Indian Corps Commander responsible for Lahore sector bears testimony to the fact that how, one company strength of Pakistan Army under the dynamic leadership of Major Shafqat Baloch blunted the initial Indian assault. On reporting back to the Battalion Headquarters after successful accomplishment of the assigned task, the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim hugged him and said, "we are proud of you Major Baloch you saved the day'. To the utter surprise of his Divisional Commander Major General Sarfaraz, Major Baloch said we have only two martyrs and a few injured. The General Officer Commanding not believing him said, "you must be in a shell shock Baloch, take some rest we will talk again". Major Baloch insisted "you can count my men sir !". Ultimately it was revealed that Major Baloch was right. After the declaration of ceasefire on 23 September as per the information received from across the border the Indians had suffered 400 causalities. Later, Major Baloch who was a dreaded figure in the Indian ranks was tasked by his seniors to settle the ceasefire line. He dared to cross over BRB Canal into the Indian positions. The indian army was shocked and dismayed as to what Major Baloch was up to Major Puri, the enemy Company Commander and Major Hira Singh an armor officer after recovering from shock and awe, embraced Major Baloch and congratulated him for putting a strong front. The psychological impact of Major Baloch's presence amidst demoralized enemy was such that it agreed to his terms and conditions without offering a single argument regarding ceasefire line. Major Baloch was recommended for gallantry medal and awarded Sitar-e-Jurrat for his daring action .