During the Reign of Khan of Kalat Mir Mohabbat Khan Lasbela was being ruled by a Baloch tribal confederacy under the Burfat tribe. This tribal confederacy came to power in the region after the overthrow of Jam Ibrahim Gangho in 1717 ( Naseer, 1979). From 1730, the ruler of Lasbela was wife of Pahar Khan Burfat Bibi Chagali, (Shah Guli) a brave lady of Burfat Baloch tribe, during her reign, the Ronjha tribe managed all the affairs of the government. Jam Aali, the chief of Jamot tribe, asked for help against Bibi Chagali from the Khan of Kalat Mir Mohabbat Khan, in return, he agreed to submit Lasbela under the suzerainty of Khanate of Kalat. He also agreed to give half of the revenue to the Khanate. The Khan of Kalat sent a force from Jhalawan under the command of his prime minister Akhund Mohammad Hayat, which attacked Bela on December 10, 1740 (Naseer, 1979). Bibi Chagali fought bravely against the army of Khanate of Kalat but was killed along with her family members in a bloody encounter. Jam Aali became the ruler of Lasbela under the Khanate suzerainty (Naseer Dasti, 2012) but according to other writers after her defeat she migrated to Sindh and settled in Kotri where her tomb is situated. Later on, her son Izzat Khan Burfat became the general of Ruler of Sindh Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro. He displayed his heroism in many battles. He died in 1776 and is buried next to his mother's tomb in Kotri. The tombs of Bibi Chagali and Izzat Khan Burfat are located near the government degree college in Kotri Sindh.