Shaheed Mir Baloch Khan Nosherwani 
In 1898, Makran erupted in a situation of general insurgency. On Jan 6, 1898, the chief of Kech, Mir Mehrab Khan Gichki, arrested the British Administrator of Kech, Dewan Udhu Das. On 9 Jan 1898, Mir Baloch Khan Nosherwani attacked the camp of Major Burnes who was surveying the area for a telegraph line. Major Burnes managed to escape, but his sixteen camp followers were killed and the camp was burnt to ashes.
From Karachi, a huge expeditionary force was immediately organized and sent to Makran via Pasni under the command of Colonel Mayn. The Baloch forces under the command of Mir Mehrab Khan Gichki and Mir Baloch Khan Nosherwani, assembled at Gokprosh near turbat to face the British expeditionary force. Mir Mehrab Khan Gichki, on Jan 31, 1898, deserted the field without a fight while Baloch Khan Nosherwani, along with his 300 fighters, fought and died heroically ( Janmahmad, 1982; Naseer,1979).