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Aims and Objectives of BNP





To struggle for right of National self-determination for people of Balochistan. To end the Chief system, decayed tribal and all concerns of semi-feudal system of Balochistan. To bring the education and economic system completely in line with modern necessities. To struggle for enforce primary education in mother-tongues.


To struggle for setting up a secular national state which: 


  i. To entertain all faiths, religion equally and respect all prevailing positive public traditions.
  ii. To end every kind of sectarian and all other discriminations.

To provide socio-economical and political opportunities equally for every one without any discrimination of cast, creed, religion, sect, gender or profession.



The party shall work to promote, disseminate education in Balochi in Baloch-dominated areas while Pashto and other languages in Pashtoon-dominated areas.



The party shall struggle to safe-guard basic, democratic, equal employment opportunities for labourers, farmers, gypsies, journalists, writers, students, youths, fishermen, women. The party shall struggle to eradicate bribery, drugs and other social evils in the society.



The party shall bind itself with all social organizations to play democratic and social role of bodies, trade unions, students, youths, journalists and women organization by enhancing friendship and cooperation with them. Further the party shall set up its sub-organizations within different organizations of the society.



The party shall struggle to eradicate modern colonialism system, various forms of dictatorship and exploitation, economical exploitation, capitalism, feudalism and other decayed systems prevailing in Pakistan. It shall also stand with and show full integrity with those nations who struggle for their self- determination.



In line with international scenario the party shall strengthen its affiliations and relations with global organizations fighting for freedom and peace keeping itself non-aligned based on just and equity. The party shall work for global non-proliferation and curbing chemical weapons.



The party shall struggle for reconstruction of society keeping in view on historical, linguistic, social and national grounds of all national units living in Pakistan.



The Party shall continue to take up the cause of national movement according to necessity of prevailing circumstances.



The Party shall work on the golden principles of collective leadership, democratic federation, and unity of thoughts, acts and intellectual disciplines.



The party shall continue to work for superiority of masses in all walks of life and to strengthen democracy shall work for devolution of power from down to upward.